About the Authors

Mary Kathleen (Kathy) Kearse, PT, CLT-LANA, has practiced physical therapy for 23 years in a variety of clinical settings and has worked full time with lymphedema patients for the past eight years. Her primary goal is to provide the best possible care for her patients in all aspects of their treatment and she has put her creative energy into developing solutions for problems faced by clients with special needs. She is an advocate for lymphedema patients and their caregivers, encouraging better quality of life through swelling management.

Kathy is a LANA certified lymphedema therapist and an active lymphedema educator making presentations on lymphedema, risk reduction techniques, and the treatment of pediatric and adolescent patients at local, regional, and international meetings. Her prior publications include “Case Study: Treatment of Two Siblings With Congenital Primary Lymphedema” in NLN Lymph Link.

Elizabeth McMahon, PhD is a clinical psychologist who brings to this book over 25 years of experience in helping patients, many of whom have chronic medical conditions. Elizabeth shares her expertise in helping these individuals learn the skills necessary to manage the anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues that may be part of living well with a chronic condition like lymphedema.

She is the co-author of Living Well with Lymphedema (Lymph Notes 2005), the author of Overcoming the Emotional Challenges of Lymphedema (Lymph Notes 2006), and the co-editor of Voices of Lymphedema (Lymph Notes 2007). Elizabeth has done multiple presentations on lymphedema-related topics for therapists and patients. In 2008 she presented a seminar on “Responding to Non-Compliance and Preventing Personal Burn Out.” at 8th NLN International Conference. See www.Elizabeth-McMahon.com for more information.

Ann Ehrlich, MA is a professional medical writer with secondary lymphedema following breast cancer treatment. She an active on the Lymph Notes web site (LymphNotes.com), is co-author of Living Well with Lymphedema (Lymph Notes 2005) and co-editor of Voices of Lymphedema (Lymph Notes 2007).

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